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Find Out How to Electrify YOUR Everything

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Decarbonize Buildings

Decarbonize Buildings

Going All-Electric is the new clean scene. Converting homes and commercial buildings to be efficient, non-burning, and non-polluting is a planet-saver!

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Electrify Your Transportation, from cars to bikes to buses and trucks.

“Transportation is electrifying!”  “Get Charged UP!”  “EmPower your drive!” (We’ve got a ton of catchy phrases!)

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There are two different kinds of classes offered.

“Electrify Everything” lays out a vision for where we are going: 100% clean, renewable power, all transportation is electric and buildings use electric heat pumps for space and water heating.

Through our presentation and community-centered discussion, people can learn from each other and gain the knowledge and confidence they need to adopt these measures and significantly reduce their reliance on planet-heating fossil fuels.

“EV 101” gives you everything you want to know about getting an electric vehicle. This talk and discussion covers the various available cars and their respective ranges, buying and leasing, rebates, charging, and consumer resources to help find charging stations and to aid in picking the right car. There is plenty of time for question and answers.



Time Place Name Link
Date TBD, Postponed Montclair Library EV 101 Link
APRIL 9 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM Online Webinar Electrify Everything Link
APRIL 23 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM Online Webinar EV 101 Link


Go CO2 Free now

Click on your location in the map to go to the app/website dedicated to helping and connecting people in your area who are kicckng the CO2 habit (powered by Community Climate Solutions). Click on the [ ] on the right side of the map header to go to the full map.