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Looking to learn more about EV’s?

Transportation contributes 41% of the greenhouse gases emitted in California.  Each gallon of gas burned by our cars produces 20lbs of CO2!   With 25 million autos in California, the total contribution of CO2 to our atmosphere is estimated to be 272 Billion (272,000,000,000) lbs of CO2. 

From their early roots as some of the first automobiles, electric cars have come a long way to the modern cars we see today. 


 Clearly, if you own a car, it is time to get off fossil fuels and go electric!   If you don’t need a car, even better.  Transit, bikes, scooters, and walking are all excellent options.

For those that need to drive, there are many excellent sources that can help you learn about and select an EV that best fits your needs.


EV Group Purchase Discount Plan

EV Group Purchase Discount Plan

  How much can you save? Thousands of dollars plus applicable federal, state, and utility discounts. Sign up: drivecleanbayarea.org Drive Clean Bay Area is a nonprofit campaign negotiating discounts on electric vehicles (EVs). Sign up to receive priority...

Electric Drag Racing – Just for Fun

Electric Drag Racing – Just for Fun

Electric drag racing leverage Electric motors top torque at 0 RPM. Some Interesting links: A 5000 hp electric dragster to race side-by-side with gas cars in Australia: The National Electric Drag Racing Association Wikipedia: Electric_drag_racing  ...


Plug in America https://pluginamerica.org/ is a great resource . Their plugstar shopping assistant lists available electric (and plug in hybrid) vehicles now on the market, and gives ranges as well as prices for leasing and buying.  The website provides information on state, federal and local rebates, as well as much other useful information for anyone interested in getting an EV .


PG &E  https://ev.pge.com/vehicles shows available vehicles, lets you put in criteria and filters for those vehicles, gives prices, and calculates operating cost savings in comparison to similar gas engine vehicles.  It also shows available incentives and has other useful EV information.


Charge!! http://ev-vin.blogspot.com/2016/07/current-lease-offers-for-selected-evs.html   is a site for information on lease deals.  It lists the lease costs offered by various dealerships in Northern and Southern California (and a few on the East Coast). It is updated frequently as the deals change often.


The  California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project https://cleanvehiclerebate.org/eng provides information  on State rebates available on the purchase and lease of plug in hybrids and EV’s and hydrogen  vehicles.


Plugshare  https://www.plugshare.com/ , most useful as an app on your phone provides information about charging stations .  When you are out and about and need to charge your EV, you can see the location of charging stations , their type,(DC fast charger, Level 2 charger), whether they are currently in use,  their cost, and other useful information.


Car reviews of EV’s are available at Clean Technica https://cleantechnica.com/category/cleantechnica-2/cleantechnica-exclusive/cleantechnica-reviews/     and at Green Car Reports https://www.greencarreports.com/news/electric-cars


Energy Sage https://www.energysage.com/electric-vehicles/advantages-of-evs/   explains how electric vehicles work, discusses batteries, and cost and benefits of EV among other subjects. 

350BayArea https://350bayarea.org  offers EV101 classes in the Bay Area (primarily in SF and the East Bay) .  Check our website (events) for upcoming classes.